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Losing your voice when you work in a call centre is always great. 14 notesReblog
This is my week. 15 minutes of peace on each shift. My life has officially become hectic since I started working full time. 10 hr shift five days are week are slowly killing me with tiredness and killing my creativity. Roll on winter hours and Christmas shopping. 13 notesReblog
hello! i admire your work so much (i follow you on eeeeverything) and was wondering how you price your commissions- sizes, medium ect? as ive just started receiving commissions and i'm scared ill put to high or low a price, they're just pencil drawings of mostly animals but the fur is quite a task! thank ya girl, and good luck at uni :) x

Hello, Thankyou so much!

At the moment until everything is fully up and running Ive put them and pretty basic made up prices. If I were to price them properly, each one would come to around £50 I believe. I got taught at college how to do it properly. The best way I can explain in short is take the price of an item you use ( say for example, paint. ) And make a charge for how ever much you use for it. If you use material measure money by miter, same with paper. Also make a charge per hour for yourself. Add it all up and ad and over all charge for the art itself, basically charge them for having your talent haha.  And dont worry! I was exactly the same, dont be scared. Just put them at a price you think suits you and your customers or somewhere in between. Dont be to easy on your prices, you have to bare in mind you need to benefit from this in order to be able to move forwards, afford new and better materials which would then lead to a high price and maybe money to hiring out a studio to work and so an so forth. Theres a method into which it works.

But atm I just stick with easy set charges because I dont have enough time to price it all up. Basically £5 for my time, £5 for the paper, £5 material ie paints. The bigger the paper I just add £5. Keeps it pretty simple for me.

And thanks but I dont think Im going to Uni anymore. I kind of want to do it all off my own back. And Im super excited to do so!

If you need any other advise, I may not be of great use but do let me know:)

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I never understood desire until I felt your hands around my throat.
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Untitled (by Ryan Coleman)
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I love your blog! You have such a fun taste for colours!

Thankyou !

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okay, so a boy i know for two days has gone to uni and he is 7 hours away from where i live. Those two days were pretty intense, we had sex, cuddled, had dinner togeather slept togeather.. etc- and i developed some kind of feelings for him, and i told him to make things clear, that if he wanted to have sex with girls and stuff in there he can, i just don't want him to lie to me, and he told me he only wants to be with me. but i made a false badoo account and catched him on here and "liked me"-->

asked by Anonymous

<— so i’m not totally sure if i should trust him, like, i don’t really trust him with all my heart. but i need advice pleeeeeease :). what should i do here while he is out? should i wait for him? should i trust him? i’m totally fucking lost, and i don’t wanna get hurt :’( ”

One bit of advice, you’ve known him for two days, don’t  put your trust in anyone you don’t actually know. From experience I know, even when they haven’t actually done anything wrong by you, you’ll still feel hard done by when you find out information about them they failed to give to you even when they hadn’t made a promise to you. You’ll ended up feeling cheated on false hope. Best thing to do is to not get your hopes up. End of the day, his a boy at uni who slept with you after two days of knowing you…

Thats either one of two things

he either likes you a hole bunch


his just another typical boy looking to get his willy wet. Excuse my poorly strung together sentences. 

You need to get yourself in a mind set where you don’t have great expectations. I know its easier said than done and I’m pretty sure every person out there plans it all out in there head and thats the expectation they set up for themselves and wonder why 75% of the time they end up disappointed. 

If he doesn’t come back for you, I would 100% not stick around waiting for a boy to like you. There will be others, better, nicer, who arent fucking off to uni two days later. Personally, I know its not what you’re looking to hear but I would just let it slide and be more chosey about the next guy. And make him wait, having sex straight away never really helps a good judgement on someone.

Take you’re time:) from someone with plenty of experience of being fucked over and rushing into things haha

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Sketch soon to be paint which will go up for sale 😊 15 notesReblog

Best $15 I’ve ever spent 👑#edinsidenights #beciorpin
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