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"Counting days" (2013) To be exhibited at Red Gallery in November
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I dont want to go to work tomorrow or for the next week. I want to spend it drawing and feel like Im doing something worthwhile. I want to feel like I’m achieving something, even if I am not making any money from it. I hate this job so much already. It consumes my life so much and the only thing I get out of it is a minimal pay check for 50 hrs a week. I dont feel like I’m achieving anything, all I do is provide rude families with holidays they patronised me to get a price for. Today I even had a women say I personally bombard her with junk mail, that I was awful at my job and that she was going to complain about me. All because I said to her it can take up to a week to be taken off our mailing system. This old bat lost her shit at me personally, told my life was a mess because I was working in a call centre… Because she got junk mail. FUCK. If there is any job I would never recommend if you dont want to deal with cuntholes of custsomers then it would defo be a call centre job. Literally, do people even have manors? Any common sense to guide them through life? No? ok.

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brooke your insta feed is so perfect 🌸🌺

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thankyou :)

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sweetheart #succulent part1
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personally i don't think you look like that person you think is your doppelganger, perception is so interesting!

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In real life I really do, my boyfriend and his best friend found her instgram and there is a picture of her with a dog that looks the spitting image of me. Its crazy. She had darker hair and no make up so it was more visable there. I dont tend to take pictures like her either, everyone has that online pose that looks nothing like them really ahah. I look a lot different in real life I think. Its is indeed

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One of the hardest parts of recovery is just not knowing whether it’ll last.

— (69/365) by (KJ)

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