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beautiful art work btw

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Thank you!!

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Arrived from Thailand today. Hand made goodies. 25 notesReblog
that painting of yours is stunning and deserved all the notes it got! your art is beautiful and incredibly powerful!

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Awwww thank you!!

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I am trying to think of
all the times when
words didn’t work
and all the times
I used pain to remind myself
that I am still alive
and all the times
I let people
break my heart
just so I could feel
and I think I have
kissed more bottles than people
but either way I still end up
drunk on the idea of love.

— Anthea Y., Typewriter Series #107 (via feellng)

(Source: feellng)

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Things I’ve learnt before turning 21 (part 2 | part 1 [x])

1. Flowers make a room look happy.
2. It’s okay to use ready made pastry.
3. You won’t be stuck forever.
4. You’re never too old to go on the swings.
5. It’s okay if you’ve got to take medication.
6. Learn your body, know what makes you feel good.
7. Go outside sometimes.
8. Don’t just always give in a relationship.
9. Don’t just always take in a relationship.
10. Celebrities are going to die and it’s going to affected you more than you think it should.
11. Cats are adorable, unless it’s 3 am and they’re meowing outside.
12. Find a passion.
13. Don’t get stuck in a routine.
14. Pull an all-nighter sometimes.
15. Don’t settle for bad coffee.
16. It’s totally okay to start re-reading a book as soon as you’ve finished it.
17. People you love are going to annoy you.
18. Sometimes you’ll wish you were a cat.
19. Be with someone who makes you feel like you’re made of stars when they touch you.
20. Sex isn’t shameful.
21. Dress for comfort, for confidence, but ultimately, for yourself.
22. High heels seem like a good idea to start with, but not after like 5 minutes.
23. Your old friends will be having babies and you wont. It’s okay, take your time.
24. Chocolate can make lots of things better.
25. Order food that your partner enjoys - let them have a bit of it.
26. Sing out loud and without shame.
27. Hearing birds sing and realising you’ve not slept isn’t as beautiful as it sounds.
28. Your mum brought you into this world, she’s kind of a big deal.
29. Dads can be insecure too.
30. Don’t put up with bullshit.
31. But sometimes it’s easier just to nod and let it go.
32. Get your hair cut, it’ll make you feel good.
33. Test yourself.
34. Worrying has never solved anything.
35. It’s going to take me a long time to accept that worrying doesn’t solve anything.
35. It’s okay if all you did today was watch Dexter.
36. Cats know when you’re sad.
37. Your partner is nearly always like a bloody human radiator.
38. Growing up is scary but exciting.
39. Those high school and college grades don’t define you.
40. Your Uni degree isn’t going to define you either.

— (via strengthtoletgo)

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Mai Chaya
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Helena Kornilova by Irina Vorotyntseva

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My new coat is life, shame it was dres weather about two weeks ago … 41 notesReblog
youre like the old shelby hamilton!!! you both are so beautiful!!!!!!

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Thankyou, she’s such a sweetie

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Is that Lana del Rey

Is what lana ?

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